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Jeff Baker

Chief Operating Officer

Jerry Baker


Justin Starlin

Chief Executive Officer


Founded in 1989 by serial entrepreneur Jerry Baker, Compak has not only expanded its physical footprint from 25,000 sq ft to more than 1.2 million but has developed services to provide for its partners. Built on the founders principals of a "handshake is my bond", Compak has developed a strong partner network that rely daily on the company's ability and commitment in providing valued service. 

Throughout the 1990's Jerry Baker partnered with well respected companies such as Rubbermaid, Pentair, Mansfield Plumbing and Archway Bakery. Building the business, through expanded services and customers led to Baker's need to expand his physical footprint, which led to him constructing warehouses towards the end of the 1990's. Over the next 20 years Baker would go on to build more than 2M sq ft of Class A wareshousing facilities throughout northeast Ohio. Recognized as a highly respected developer, Baker would go on to structure design build projects for national manufacturers and industrial partners. This network of facilities act as the core for Compak Services infrastructure and warehouse facilities.

Ownership of Compak transitioned in 2020, with founder Jerry Baker reaching an acquisition agreement with now co-owners Jeff Baker and Justin Starlin. This transition brings a renewed emphasis on the advancment and broadening of the company's services and strategic partners. The new partnership is focused on strengthening its current relationships while building new connections. 


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